Highlighted Projects

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Jamii Theatre Company

Jamii Theatre Company has the mission to encourage students to create their own stories and be in charge of how it's told. Students are given the opportunity to act, write, direct, and learn how to produce a show. Just as Reverent Sound Music operates, Jamii Theatre Co. is completely free to all students.

Stories Retold Podcast

This podcast is for you if don’t like reading, love reading, or want to expand your book search. Whatever the case may be, this is the podcast for you. Here, we give stories a second chance. Available on all podcast streaming platforms. Facebook/Instagram: @storiesretoldpodcast

Virtual Bible Stories

Do you want to hear Bible stories in a new and modern retelling? Watch all of the episodes on Youtube. Youtube: Skylar Resna


Writing Samples

Moving Back Home After College

Blog Post

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Blog Post

Twilight, Los Angles, 1992

Dramaturgical Note


Three Sisters

Dramaturgical Packet Sample