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Skylar Resna

Watch Her Go!

Discover Skylar Resna as a podcaster, content creator, and an event MC. Her energetic charisma captivates audiences across platforms. Learn more about her works below. 

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Skylar was the host and is now co-host, of Stories Retold since 2020. This podcast reviews literary works written by women, authors of color, and other marginalized communities to educate and excite audiences to engage in reading.

Motto: Own Your Own Story and Read to Expand Your Mind


Content Creation

As a collegiate-trained theatre artist, Skylar performs as a screen and stage actress, voice actress, writer, scriptwriter, director, producer, and dramaturg. Skylar focuses on quality and creativity through her own production company, Resna Productions LLC. 


Current projects include: BibleTales, Stories Retold


Event MC

With Skylar's energy and wit, she is an amazing event MC. With a knack for public speaking and a talent for keeping the crowd entertained, Skylar can ensure that your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it's a conference, seminar, or live performance, Skylar will bring energy and professionalism to the stage.

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I had the pleasure of working with Skylar on my play, "Apartness." She offered very thoughtful and very thorough feedback on my work, and had prepared a number of questions which were both insightful as well as constructive. Without being prescriptive, she was able to help me arrive at better ways to sculpt dialogue as well as orchestrate a scene so that it lives up to its fullest potential in terms of both dramatic tension as well as plausibility. She had a keen eye and intuitive sense of the world I was trying to create and the story I was trying to tell. I very much look forward to revising my script based on the ideas she helped me arrive at, and I am both relieved and inspired by how much the play will improve. Her dramaturgy was invaluable, and any writer (or other theatre professional) will benefit greatly from collaborating with her. Thank you, Skylar, I hope to work with you again in the future!

Michael Hilton

Dramaturgical Review


Atlanta, GA



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